1. Unique Audience
Based on previous audiences, we expect 750-1,000 attendees and
50% 1st or 2nd generation immigrants and 50% from established American communities.
60% from the Chicagoland region and 40% from across the U.S.
Equal representation from all age groups ranging from 20’s to 70’s.
2. National-Regional Scope
The beauty of a national summit in a major city like Chicago is that it serves a significant regional purpose. Chicago is a global city, experiencing mega-city challenges. It is also home to some of the most remarkable, innovative ministry models in the world. This Summit’s scope will span urban, suburban, and mid-sized city contexts and challenges.
3. Cutting Edge Issues
Global migration, demographic changes, injustice among the poor, cross-cultural conflict, growth of Islam, attractional vs. missional church models, the suburbanization of poverty, human trafficking, host and hosted church relationships, and immigration are some of the cutting edge issues that will be addressed in plenary, affinity group, and seminar sessions.
4. National Thought Leaders & Practitioners
Through our “Leadership Labs” this Summit has a particular focus upon church, academic, agency, and mission leaders, so we know there will be a high number of practitioner-leaders, participating and teaching at this event.
5. High Quality Venue & Event
Wheaton Bible Church & Iglesia del Pueblo have hosted the Mission on Our Doorsteps Conference for 6 years and built a state of the art facility in 2008 that provides the environment for a tremendous Summit experience.
6. Beyond a Conference to Equipping & Collaboration
Though certainly inspirational and visionary, the focus of the Summit is upon the “how to’s” of cross-cultural mission that is highly practical and built around a DNA of church-unity and community-based collaboration. The Summit is intended to create an environment where more Kingdom collaboratives can be encouraged or catalyzed.
7. Lasting Impact
Each person will have the opportunity to uniquely encounter Jesus during plenary sessions and through connecting new relationships across cultural and denominational lines. Our two day intensives, called “Leadership Labs” focused around four 2-3 year initiatives in these critical areas: (1) human trafficking, (2) immigration, (3) host and hosted church partnerships, (4) generational challenges among immigrant churches.
8. Develop New Relationships & Partnerships
The structure of the Summit and the environment provided by Wheaton Bible Church and Iglesia del Pueblo is designed to foster relationships with time dedicated to meals and affinity groups based on common interests. The huge atrium at the entrance of the church building will provide a place for exhibitors to make meaningful connections with leaders and Summit participants throughout.
9. Immigrant Leader Scholarships
The Summit is a significant draw for immigrant leaders, some of whom come to the Summit through partial scholarships offered through the generosity of others. Your sponsorship will contribute to one or more key leaders being able to attend the Summit who otherwise could not.
10. Building on Proven Excellence
The Ethnic America Network (EAN) has been holding national Ethnic Ministries Summits in major cities around the US for 13 years. The Mission on Our Doorsteps Movement has been holding conferences in the Chicagoland area for the past 6 years, and the joint partnership between EAN and MOD for this year’s Summit will be powerful.