The Mission on Our Doorsteps Movement is partnering with the Ethnic America Network to host a Chicago-wide summit in 2013 with the vision to draw together what is one of the most racially divided cities (and church bodies) in the U.S. for the purpose of Spirit-led transformation.

Building on 7 years of Mission on Our Doorsteps Conferences, we intend to utilize the Ethnic Ministries Summit in April 2013 as a catalytic event to grow and reproduce a movement of God’s people across cultures and classes into mission. Starting with the “end in mind”, we want to look together at the next 2-5 years to consider how God might want to move and equip His people to serve and reach the “global diaspora” that He has brought to our neighborhoods.

The four multi-year initiatives that we are focused upon and will be sub-themes for the Summit are:

  • Human Trafficking
  • Immigration
  • Host & Hosted Church Relationships
  • Generational Issues in Immigrant Churches

Leaning heavily upon the cultural and language expertise of immigrant pastors and churches, we want to explore a vision for Chicagoland Church unity marked by love, shared resources, and a clear focus on mission.

Please save the date for the 2013 Summit and check back soon as plans for the Summit unfold on this website.