The Ethnic America Network

The Ethnic America Network (EAN) is a catalytic coalition of Christian ministries and churches from across the USA and Canada.

Our Vision:

To see a multiplication of ministries and churches actively pursuing cross-cultural advancement of the gospel and intercultural unity in Jesus Christ across the USA and Canada.

Our Mission:

 To glorify God by encouraging and equipping ministries and churches of all cultures for cross-cultural advancement of the gospel and intercultural unity in Jesus Christ.

Our Core Values

  • Our Foundation: We are committed to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, the Great Commission to make disciples of all peoples, and the Great Commandment to love one another.
  • The Local Church: We are committed to the local church as God’s primary agent for evangelism and discipleship across cultures.
  • Ministry Agencies:  We affirm that ministry agencies are significant partners with the local church.
  • Relationships: We affirm that effective ministry always depends on nurturing healthy personal relationships.
  • Unity:  We affirm that God wills for His Church in this world, made up of every people, to be one as a testimony to a fragmented world so that they might believe in Jesus.
  • Interdependence: We affirm that God’s people need each other in order for them and the Church to function as the Lord desires, both in what they hold common in Christ and in their cultural distinctives.
  • Intercultural Competency: We are committed to increasing the competency of Christians through training and equipping in the areas of cultural awareness and cross-cultural ministry.
  • Incarnational Diversity: We affirm that all peoples have full and equal value to God, which compels us to celebrate the incarnation of Christ through cultural diversity.
  • Next Generation Leadership: We promote the equipping and empowering of next generation leaders for contextualized ministry to reach their contemporary and future generations.
  • Our Field: We affirm that cross-cultural ministry in the USA and Canada is indispensable and strategic in the fulfillment of the Great Commission and the Great Commandment.

Our Primary Areas of Focus:

 Ethnic Workers’ Summits: Annual gatherings of people in ministry with, or exploring ministry with, their immigrant neighbors.

Ethnic America Database: Mapping the peoples of the world as they locate in North America and matching them with churches interested in ethnic ministry. Visit to learn how you can participate in the project.

Regional Networks: To encourage cooperation and the sharing of resources and ideas among those engaged in ethnic ministry.

Key Projects: To locate and be a catalyst toward the creation of otherwise overlooked projects.

For more information on the Network, write to