World Relief DuPage pioneered the Mission on Your Doorstep (MOYD) conferences in 2003 and 2004 and after a hiatus formed a partnership in 2007 with Wheaton Bible Church to host the Mission on Your Doorstep Conference annually. From the beginning MOYD was intended for a broad audience of churches, organizations, and community members seeking to reach out to their new immigrant neighbors. It arose out of the awareness that DuPage County, IL – a traditionally white, suburban, upper-middle class community – was rapidly changing. By 2020 DuPage County is projected to have no ethnic majority, a trend which the entire nation is predicted to follow by 2042.

Through MOYD, churches that have traditionally been focused on overseas mission have been challenged to minister to those on their doorstep from all over the world and to partner with the emerging immigrant congregations and leaders. Initially, MOYD had a focus on “mission to” these new neighbors, with Anglo-Americans in an active giving role and immigrants and minorities in a more passive, receiving role. Over time the MOYD planning team realized the need to do mission together, and sought to include more immigrants and minorities in the conference and on the planning team. This is a shift to “mission with.”

In 2011, the conference was renamed Mission On Our Doorsteps (MOD) to reflect a desire to be on mission together and for the conference to be fully owned and led by leaders representing a diversity of cultures, ethnicities, organizations and churches. In changing the name, the MOD Planning Team also recognized a multiplicity of doorsteps that everyone is both being invited into through hospitality and going out of on mission.

There are now more immigrants in the suburbs of Chicago than there are in the city of Chicago, but awareness of this reality (and its implications) is slow to sink in among the average suburbanite. Pulling on the expertise of city dwellers who have long dealt with shifting demographics in their neighborhoods, MOD is intentionally building bridges of relationship among suburban and urban churches and agencies.

The Mission on Our Doorsteps Movement is partnering with the Ethnic America Network to host a Chicago-wide summit in 2013 with the vision to draw together what is one of the most racially divided cities in the U.S. for the purpose of transformation.

We utilized the 2012 MOD Conference as a stepping stone towards the Ethnic Ministries Summit in April 2013. As with previous conferences, we see The Summit as a catalytic event to grow and reproduce a movement of God’s people across cultures and classes into mission. Starting with the end in mind, we spent time listening to God and to leaders around Chicago representing many different denominations and people groups to discover what major initiatives we could embrace that would make the most long-term difference in the Kingdom. The themes of this conference thus emerged.