Complete list of Seminars, Leaders and TIMES are listed here: Speakers by Track

SEMINARS are offered from levels 101-401 in the following tracks: Cross-Cultural Skills, Mission & Evangelism, Muslim Ministry, Justice and Compassion, Kingdom Partnerships, Literacy/Orality & ESL, Christian Community Development, Prayer & Transformation of Society, and Spanish.

CITY IMPACT ROUNDTABLE is a Mission America Coalition led track that focuses on Unity through:

  • Issues > Explore the questions we must answer better in order to impact our communities and culture
  • Interviews > Fresh-thinking and Shared-practices from Chicago, New York, Boston, Indianapolis, Dallas, Los Angeles, Cedar Rapids, Jackson . . . and your zip code
  • Interaction > We have a bias for dialog. Bring insightful questions, your stories of success and failure, and commit to take home action-steps you commit to implement with others who share a John 17 vision.

LEADERSHIP LABS are held around Summit sub-themes: (1) Immigration, (2) Human Trafficking, (3) Reaching the Next Generation and (4) Under One Roof.

  • Geared towards practitioners, experts, and influencers familiar with the subject matter and who want to delve into “how-to’s” and “best practices.”
  • Formatted to include presentations, panels, round-table discussions, prayer, and strategic planning.
  • Packaged for participants to join the full 4-6 sessions offered throughout the summit.
  • Designed to (1) Cultivate relationships (2) Leverage learning from group participants (3) Share expertise and relevant resources and (4) Advance collaborative planning efforts for Chicagoland

You download the Summit Seminars here:   Speakers by Track and the Summit 2013 Seminar Speakers Details. Check back regularly for updated details.