mission on our doorsteps

The labs are geared towards influences, content experts and practitioners who are already familiar with how the following issues play out in their communities. The lab workshops will focus less on a formal presentation and will instead maximize time through large group discussion, facilitated round-tables, prayer and strategic planning. The goal is to develop focus groups of engaged people building towards a long-term plan for sustainable change.

Leadership Labs Structure

Within the programmatic context of the 2013 Summit, these Leadership Labs will run in parallel to the learning track Seminar offerings In contrast to normal presentation-style seminars, the leadership lab structure is designed to have minimal presentation and maximum interaction through intentional facilitated round-table and large group discussions, prayer, and planning.

Leadership labs are designed to:

  • Cultivate relationships
  • Leverage learning from group participants
  • Share expertise and relevant resources
  • Advance collaborative planning efforts for Chicagoland


Missiologists worldwide are increasingly recognizing how God is at work through the movement of people across borders to expand His Kingdom, but some Christians merely view immigration through an economic or political perspective and as something to be feared. It is essential for the Body of Christ to view this reality through the lens of Scripture so that the Church is not hindered from responding in unity to this missional opportunity. This lab will provide workshops for both the native-born American and the immigrant and will focus on learning and collaboration

Human Trafficking

Chicago is one of the national “hubs” for the estimated 17,000 people who are trafficked in the U.S. each year. These victims are often foreign born and especially vulnerable because of language limitations or legal status. They are an almost entirely “unreachable” people group, held in bondage and brokenness by the evil one. The local church must be involved in the front lines. This lab will focus on education, advocacy, prevention, identification and care for victims.

Generational Issues in Immigrant Churches

The “Silent Exodus” of the 2nd generation from immigrant churches is leaving the Body of Christ struggling to surmount barriers of culture and language. We have identified four different types of people working to reach the next generation: (1) church plants targeting second generation young adults, (2) English ministries in immigrant churches, (3) youth/children’s pastors in immigrant churches and (4) lay leaders serving in immigrant contexts. Our goal is to strengthen ministry to the next generation by providing resources, networking, encouragement and training for those who are working to reach the next generation.

Under One Roof

While immigrant churches abound, few own their own buildings. Many non-immigrant churches offer their buildings as host sites but true relationship between the two congregations rarely forms. This lab will focus on moving from “landlord/tenant” relationships to real Kingdom partnership that unites for the mission of Christ. This is geared primarily toward church leaders. under one roof