Building Healthy Partnerships between Congregations of Different Ethnicity Who Share Worship Space.

Summary: While immigrant churches abound, few own their own buildings. Many non-immigrant churches offer their buildings as host sites but true relationship between the two congregations rarely forms. This lab will focus on moving from “landlord/tenant” relationships to real Kingdom partnership that unites for the mission of Christ. This is geared primarily toward church leaders. under one roof

Problem: relational unity between two congregations of different cultural and language groups is difficult to achieve. Facility issues, cultural conflict, and handling finances are some of the major pitfalls common to host/hosted church relationships.

Unity Objective: In Christ and under His headship, we will find true common ground between host/hosted churches. Each congregation brings unique giftings, callings, and skills to contribute towards a healthy interdependent partnership.

Mission Objective: And our goal is unity for the sake of mission. The fusion of Kingdom resources (such as language skills, facility, prayer, cultural competency, training skills, etc.) serves to expand the Kingdom in greater measure among the lost and the least.

Discussion topics:

  • discovering common ground in divine and social relationship
  • shared facility issues
  • leadership interaction and shared power
  • cultural differences and conflict
  • raising up the 2nd generation together
  • mission and evangelism together
  • shared prayer and worship events
  • handling finances
  • navigating theological or denominational differences
  • celebrating the diversity of gifts and cultures

Get Involved: To get involved in this initiative through research, prayer, leadership, or learning, please contact Jonathan Kindberg 704-989-5009